Adding A Grill To Your Yard

man grilling food on a grill

We all know that smell of a BBQ with meat on it. It makes your mouth water and instantly raises your appetite with 300%.

I have been to several backyard BBQ’s and every time I told myself that I needed one myself and start grilling or smoking meat and vegetables to eat healthier and add more variety to my family’s diet.

Where To Start

I have been doing research on many products but never on a grill or BBQ. Time to get started and as always I do that online. The first thing is just typing in a few words in Google and see what comes up.

So, since I was looking for a grill or smoker (Still did not know the difference at that time) I typed in grill reviews and started scrolling through the results and some of them stood out immediately.

One of the ones that stood out had the name better grills and you can find it here The reason I mention this one, in particular, is that after reading on several other sites this one had the most value in my opinion.

What did I found out?

Well, one of the first things I found out that there is a lot more to look at and to know when you talk about a grill. I never knew that there were so many types, brands, and models of grills available.

I guess it is just like anything else that if you start reading about it that you realize that there is a lot more then you expected.

There are many types of grills and to make it even more complex that are also multiple fuel sources. Let’s start with the type of grills I found. And to be honest this is probably not even a full list.

  • Charcoal grills
  • Natural gas grills
  • Propane gas grills
  • Pellet grills
  • Electric grills

Grill Sizes

When it comes to grill sizes I was even more surprised and found out that there are several ways of deciding on what the best size is for your family or type of cooking. From small grills for just a few burgers to large smokers that can handle ribs and make pulled pork from a pork shoulder.

Grills – Smokers – Pellet Grills

I think that this are the most common types of grills and I had to make a decision on what type I was willing to start with. It had to be easy for me since I am just a beginner and am not sure how much I will use it in the future.


A grill is most of the time affordable and an easy way to get started with outdoor cooking. I had to make a choice between gas or charcoal. Charcoal is messy and hard to clean up so I decided that if a grill was what I wanted it would be on propane gas.


Smokers are a whole other thing and I found out pretty fast that this was not for me at this moment. You have to fool with wood, charcoal or both and watch it all the time. So I decided that this was maybe something for later.

Pellet grills

At first I thought that this was nothing for me. However, after reading more I changed my mind and realized that this was probably the best option for me.

Digging Deeper Into Pellet Grills

I decided that this was the best option for me since I did not have to mess with charcoal or gas. All you had to do was fill the so-called hopper with wood pellets and set the temperature. I am not that technical so this would work great for me. Time to dig deeper and do more research.

Luckily I found all the information I needed on the same website and started reading about what they thought was the best pellet grills for the money.

There are several brands and sizes that you can choose from that is obvious and is nothing else than the other types of grills. With my family, I decided on a little smaller model. I think this will also save on pellets was my second consideration.

This is my pellet grill out on the back patio.

James Motley - my pellet grill

My pellet grill experience

now I have used it for a while I can only say that I am pretty happy with my pellet grill. I had a little problem with setting it up for the first time but it came with a simple-to-follow step-by-step manual.

The only thing I found out is that grilling on a pellet grill, in almost all cases, has to be done with an insert over the fire pot to have the right temperature. I am happy that the seller advised me to add that option.

Overall I am happy that I finally decided to have a grill here at home and I noticed that I am starting to use it more and more. Especially when the weather was getting a little better.

Update: I had a good look at meat for the grill and wrote about it here

James Motley

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