Can you keep a big dog inside

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A dog is a sociable animal that lives in a pack. Before, the most common was for the dog to stay in the garden and live in a kennel to protect itself from the cold and the rain. Today, the most common is that the dog lives indoors, which is lucky! It is true that a dog is happy if he has access to a garden where he can run, play and jump, but not having his dog in the house has more disadvantages than advantages:

Before, a dog was used as a guard, a custom which, fortunately, is in the process of disappearing. Did you know that the dogs most often used for this function belong to breeds that suffer the most from living outdoors? The German Shepherd or the Doberman are animals that need to socialize and suffer from loneliness because they are very intelligent and aware of their situation. A dog should not be used as a security element, and there are alarms for this! A dog is a pet, a member of the family that must be pampered and accompanied.

Living with your dog inside the house: advantages and disadvantages

There are many benefits to having your dog live inside the house with you, both for him and for you. Your pet will have a better quality of life:

• Your dog will be able to socialize more. A dog is a loyal companion who enjoys spending time with humans. If he can live with you, he will be better able to interact with humans.

• Your dog will be protected against cold, bad weather and parasites. It will also be much cleaner. If one of the things that usually disturb living with your dog in the house is cleanliness, keeping him confined in the garden will be a no-win situation at this level.

• You will be able to better supervise your dog. An animal requires a lot of attention, and you should be aware of possible changes in its coat, appearance and behaviour. If he lives at home with you, you will be able to detect any symptoms more quickly and therefore take better care of him.

• Last but not least, the bond with your dog will be stronger if he lives with you. Your dog will be happier because you will give him more hugs and affection, and it will be the same in reverse!

Yes, it is true that there are also drawbacks to having your dog inside the house … Dogs have dirty hair, and they shed it, and they can sometimes be rowdy and a little “destructive”. However, many of these unwanted behaviours can be resolved with the right education, which, in the end, is up to you. Either way, if you are irritated by the hair and other annoyances of a dog that lives with you, the dog is not the right pet for you.

A dog who lives in the house is happier

In short, the best thing for the dog is to live indoors, because it will be happier … and so will you. If he has access to a garden for running, that’s even better, but if he doesn’t, that’s okay; just take him out two to three times a day. As long as you make sure you take your dog out often enough, he will prefer to live in the house with you. This way, you will better watch him and take better care of him, which, in the end, is important to him.

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