Look At Your Garden From A New Perspective

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The world around us is changing fast. This means that we also must have a look at the way we use the space around our house and gardening might have to be done in a different way.

For decades we have use the space around our house to make it look nice and we used a lot of decorative plants and lawn to achieve that.

Just about 60 or 70 years ago many people had a vegetable garden in their backyard. It could not always provide them with enough food for the whole family or to make it through the winter, but it save on grocery store visits and saved money on the household budget.

Grow Your Own Veggies

Many people think you need a big garden and live in the country side to be able to grow your own vegetables. Nothing is more besides the truth than that.

Even if you live in town and just have limited space you can grow some of your own vegetables. Probably not enough to feed your family through the winter but even a few vegetables will help you eat healthier.

With an investment of a few dollars, you can save a lot of money. Have you ever paid attention to what the prices are in your local grocery store? A small bag of seeds might cost $3 and comes with many seeds.

Each of these seeds can grow food that you can get straight out of your small garden on your table.’

As the famous author Monty Don says…

Organic is loaded with a sense of rightness, with a set of rules. I would much rather someone bought food that was local and sustainable but not organic than bought organic food that had to be shipped across the world.

So what’s the conclusion?

In my opinion the conclusion is that each and everyone of us is able to grow some vegetables in his or her own yard. Even on a balcony you can grow something edible in a pot.

Stop thinking that you need a big yard to be able to grow some of your own food. You can start on a very small scale and later expand it. The taste of home grown food is so much better and the satisfaction of doing it is very rewarding.

Food many times has to be brought from far away and can be on the road for several days before getting on the shelves of your local store. By growing your own food, even in a small amount, you will help reduce the so called carbon food print.

James Motley

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