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I think it is safe to say that most of us like to grill and BBQ some good food on the grill. The problem sometimes is to find a good piece of meat.

I have tried many types of meat and bought meat from my local grocery store, Walmart, Butcher stores, and even online stores that sell meat and in particular grass-fed beef and heritage pork.


I believe that most of us do not have the knowledge to see what quality a piece of meat is. Unless you are educated and or have a lot of experience. I don’t have that knowledge so I have to rely on what others tell me about it.


Steak is even a more complicated thing. Finding a good steak is an art by itself. Here is my spoiler alert. I buy my steaks most of the time online at the Chicago Steak Company and the reason is that I was reading some Chicago Steak Company reviews and I found the best ones rave about their steaks.

That was enough reason for me to give them a try just like I did with many other online butchers. I have to be honest and let you know that I grilled the best steaks I ever ate and my wife mentioned the same thing.

Trying Online Butchers

Unless you have the option to visit one of the old time butcher shops that can tell you exactly where your meat is coming from you have to find your meat for the grill locally, in big box stores, or as I do, in an online butcher store.

Most of them need to have a good reputation otherwise they would lose their clients fairly fast. That is the reason that they make sure that what meat they sell is of good quality.

I have tried several online butcher stores and here you can read what my experiences are.

  • Quality: Most of them ship good quality meats for the reasons I mentioned above.
  • Shipping: Shipping can add to the cost or can be included in the price
  • Freshness: The freshness is hard to check but I have some good experiences.
  • Frozen: Every order I received was still solid frozen.
  • Taste: This depends on if you bought grass-fed or not

Overall my personal experience is that most of the online meat suppliers deliver quality that ranges from acceptable to extremely good. It all depends on what you pay is what I think. I have had the best-tasting steaks from the companies that are a little higher priced. This does not mean that the other ones are bad.

Cons of Online Meat Ordering

As you can imagine it is not all peaches and roses when it comes to these kinds of online stores. I had a few orders that were not delivered on time and I had to wait for one or, in some cases, two days for delivery. The reason was that they only shipped on certain days of the week and forgot to mention that on the order confirmation.

Another con might be that you can’t see what you buy and just can look at a picture of the meat you are ordering. As you know a picture can make a product look a lot better than it actually is.

This means that sometimes you can be disappointed with your delivery. This also goes for the weight that you order. You can get less than you were hoping for.


In general, I can say that ordering meat online is something I can recommend. The price tag might be a little higher but that is the price you pay for convenience and having it delivered to your doorsteps.

Prices are also higher because of the packaging and the use of dry ice to keep the meat frozen in the package. I know that I have mentioned the website before but I think they write high-quality reviews of the online meat delivery services and you can find it here.

Before I end this article it is fair to warn you that there are more stores popping up that jump on the bandwagon. This means that you have to be careful and maybe have to stay away from them and stick to the more established brands.

James Motley

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